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How to Detect a Speed Trap

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There are a few ways you can detect a speed trap and avoid or prepare for them.

1. Trapster is a mobile app where users share real time information. See

2.   Use a Radar Detector.  (If your state allows them).

3.  Watch other drivers – if they are slowing down for no apparent reason, there may be a speed trap ahead.

4.  Be aware of speed limit changes.  Cops often wait for drivers that fail to recognize speed limit changes, especially when a road expands to more lanes yet the limit decreases.

5.  Use caution on national holidays and around major events – where people gather, so do police.

6.   School zones are the number one hot spot for speed traps.

7.  Take note where you see a speed trap, odds are it will reappear often.

8.  If another driver flashes their headlights at you, it may be a courteous way of saying there is a cop fishing for speeders ahead.  Raise your awareness.

9.  Be aware when coming around sharp turns or cresting on a hill, when you can’t see the road ahead.  Cops know you can’t see them by the time they radar you.

10.  When going from a rural road into town or to a populated area, always watch for speed traps.



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