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Speeding Ticket Points

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2 Point Speeding Tickets
Exceeding maximum speed 1-14 mph over limit

4 Point Speeding Tickets
Exceeding maximum speed 15-29 mph over limit

5 Point Speeding Tickets
Exceeding maximum speed 30 mph or more over limit


How To Choose A Traffic Attorney

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Choosing the best traffic ticket lawyer often means selecting one who focuses the bulk of his practice on traffic ticket cases. This usually translates to an attorney with significant experience in traffic ticket matters and detailed knowledge of the technicalities of having a fine dismissed or reduced. Choosing can prove difficult, however, as there are many lawyers who fit this description. You may use online reviews and recommendations from loved ones to help you choose well. Additionally, you may consider legal fees before making a decision.

If you are going to have an attorney go to traffic court on your behalf, you may be tempted to consider hiring a general lawyer. For example, you might consider asking the lawyer who helps you with legal documents to help you win your traffic ticket case. You may, however, have more confidence in a lawyer’s ability to win your case if his specialty is dealing with traffic tickets. A lawyer who focuses his practice on these types of cases may know how to use technicalities to have tickets dismissed or have your fines and penalties reduced. His experience in this area of law may, for instance, make it easier for him to ensure that you won’t have points added to your driving record.

While most lawyers do not guarantee their abilities to win cases for their clients, this matter is often different when it comes to traffic ticket lawyers. Some attorneys who specialize in helping people with traffic tickets do offer guarantees. You may find such a lawyer preferable, as you have the chance to get your money back if the traffic ticket case is not decided in your favor. For example, you might choose a traffic ticket lawyer who offers a money-back guarantee if he is not successful at having your traffic ticket dismissed, making sure your driving record won’t receive adverse marks, or having your fine reduced.

You can search for traffic ticket lawyers online or in phone directories. Often, they take out large ads in newspapers as well. You may find it difficult, however, to choose a traffic ticket lawyer based only on these advertisements. Instead, you may use online reviews to decide which traffic ticket lawyers are worth considering and which ones are better stricken from your list. You may also search peer review websites to learn what other lawyers think of the one you are considering. Additionally, if you have loved ones who have hired lawyers to help them with traffic tickets, you may ask them for recommendations.

Legal fees may also play a role in making your decision when you are trying to choose the best traffic ticket lawyer. You will most likely prefer an attorney with fees that are affordable, but you may also want to compare his fees to the fine you are expected to pay. Preferably, the attorney’s fees will be much less than the fine listed on your traffic ticket.


Move Over Law

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The new law requires motor vehicle operators to reduce their speed and change lanes when approaching authorized vehicles displaying emergency lights. Such vehicles include police, fire and medical services vehicles, and also highway maintenance, tow trucks and official motorist aid vehicles displaying amber emergency lights. Where possible, drivers are required to move over to create an empty lane next to the emergency vehicle. When safely changing lanes is not possible, drivers must slow down below the posted speed limit prior to passing emergency vehicles. Drivers should also be prepared to stop, if necessary.

Fines for violating this law run from $100 to $500 and will be determined by the municipal court in which the violator is charged.